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Weekend breaks

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Weekend Breaks
A surprise for your partner, a spontaneous action, just to get away from things, the reasons for choosing a weekend trip are endless and very personal. You can leave without specific arrangements or decide to plan everything before hand. Get caught up in the crowds of the city or relax in the country side. Usually the weekend starts on Friday.

What are your plans for the weekend?
The only thing fixed about a weekend break is the time of the week in which you will go on your mini holiday. For the rest it is up to you. There are plenty of enjoyable European city trips, such as a survival weekend in the Ardennes. You could decide to go to a festival for a couple of days and make it a weekend trip, treating yourself to pampering in a beauty spa.

Who do you reward with a weekend trip?
A weekend tips is great as a birthday or thank you gift, or as a surprise. Take a few days off with your partner, and leave the children, or go shopping with a friend and wine and dine. For Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day, Father’s day and other holiday’s special arrangements are usually made, the perfect present for someone who has everything!

Weekend Trip, easily arranged
The great thing about the weekend trips is that you hardly have to take days off work. Are you visiting someone far from home? Make it a weekend trip and book accommodation in the neighbourhood. Do you have to travel a long way to get to a certain store? Stay the weekend and see the city. Or meet up with your partner on a place you have to be, and add on some private days.

Personally arranged and booked
A travel agency can reserve a weekend trip for you, but the offers online are many times more diverse. Despite you might think directly of a hotel as accommodation, there are also holiday houses, apartments and bungalows where you can spend a few days. If you book shortly before leaving, you can usually make use of favourably priced last minute arrangements.


ThomasCook – Wonderful Weekend Breaks with ThomasCook

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ThomasCook arranges beautiful and fun filled weekend break in the most glorious UK country. It offers fantastic choices to you for your weekend breaks. You can select from charming cottages to boating breaks, or go around the beautiful country or watch a top show on theater breaks. Plan your weekend breaks with ThomasCook and have wonderful weekend.


AAtravelinsurance – Weekend Breaks in France and Belgium

reviews AAtravelinsurance reviews

AAtravelinsurance is a well-known travel agency that specializes in planning different types of holidays for you. If you deicde to go for weekend breaks, the best deal would be to get your deals plannned and booked with AAtravelinsurance. Enjoy your weekend breaks form everything offered by AAtravelinsurance right from cheap break getaways, character breaks, chateaux breaks to something very special.


Accorhotels – Superb Weekend Breaks

reviews Accorhotels reviews

Accorhotels offers a number of packages’ of weekend breaks for you to choose from. It has packages in countries such as Australia, Germany, Hungary and Italy. Explore these cities, its culture, various sightseeing points or any other important and interesting destinations by planning your weekend breaks deals with Accorhotels. See the City under the City, a weekend immersed in museums, European capital cultures and many more interesting things in these cities.


ebookers – Wonderful Weekend Breaks

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ebookers enables you to get away for a couple of days with its exciting weekend breaks offers. Explore the thriving cities or unwind across the countryside, ebookers weekend breaks delivers you whatever you wish. Convert your few days of holidays into memorable weekend break that suits both, your budget as well as expectations. Inspire and refresh yourself to a great extent by planning your weekend break deals with ebookers.


Expedia – Exotic Weekend Breaks

reviews Expedia reviews

Expedia plans wonderful weekend breaks for you and your family. Planning to go for a weekend break, the best option to get all your deals booked and confirmed to avoid the last minute troubles is to plan your holiday deals with Expedia. It will plan a perfect weekend break that will leave a number of sweet memories behind, for you to cherish them forever.


Freshweekends – Gorgeous Weekend Breaks

reviews Freshweekends reviews

Freshweekends has the perfect activity weekend break for you that suit all hobbies and tastes. No mater, whatever type of active weekend breaks you are looking for, you will find one definitely over here. Enjoy your weekend breaks by getting engaged in activities like sky diving, SCAD diving, kite boarding, bike riding, golf playing, etc and many more active activities. It has active breaks that sites people of all the ages.


Hilton – Fantastic Weekend Breaks

reviews Hilton reviews

Hilton is the answer to you, if you are looking for some holiday deals that have excellent weekend breaks packages. Spend your weekend breaks at selected hotels and at affordable rates. You can select your hotel from the list offered to you in numerous destinations. Have fantastic weekend breaks in the luxurious rooms of the hotel along with bed and breakfast or dinner bed and breakfast rate.


Hostelbookers – Appealing Weekend Breaks

reviews Hostelbookers reviews

Hostelbookers plans exclusive weekend breaks for those who are bored and tired of the regular routine and are looking for some change in the weekend. Spend your weekend at the weird and wonderful hostels. Spend your weekend breaks in beautifully located hostels in destinations like Brazil, Stockholm, Mongolia, etc. If you ever decide to go for weekend breaks, you would get the best value for the money you spend by planning all your deals with Hostelbookers.


Jet2Holidays – Amazing City Breaks

reviews Jet2Holidays reviews

Jet2Holidays enables you to discover Europe’s most fantastic cities. You can select your destination from the great options offered to you. It offers unbeatable city beak packages that include great flight deals and quality accommodation in your favorite city. You can go for city breaks in cities like Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Prague, Venice, Palma, and Barcelona wit Jet2.


Lastminute – Active Weekend Breaks

reviews Lastminute reviews

Lastminute enables you to enjoy a pleasant weekend, full of joy and fun. If you plan to go for a weekend break, but have no idea regarding where to go, you can always go to Lastminute. It offers inspiring weekend breaks in the top weekend destinations including Amsterdam, London, Barcelona, Paris, Dubai, New York, Madrid, Dublin, etc. Select your destination and preferred dates for your weekend break travel from the list provided out you.


Millenniumhotels - Romantic weekend Breaks

reviews Millenniumhotels reviews

Millenniumhotels organizes sweet and lovely and romantic weekend breaks for you to enjoy the city. Make your weekend breaks deals fantastic by booking with Millenniumhotels. A couple can enjoy a romantic weekend break as they provide great hotel deals. The hotel facilities include overnight accommodation, full cooked breakfast and premium chocolates. Have a joyful weekend and become refresehd and delightful to face your daily busy schedule, once again.


Responsibletravel – Wonderful Weekend Breaks

reviews Responsibletravel reviews

Responsibletravel is one of the well-known agencies for panning various types of holiday for people of all the ages as well as stages. If you decide to go for weekend breaks, the best option is to book all your weekend break deals with ResponsibleTravel. It will plan interesting activities for your holidays to make your weekend break, indeed worthy and one that will be cherished forever.


Superbreak – Weekend Breaks in UK

reviews Superbreak reviews

Superbreak has a number of deals for weekend breaks in UK. You can select your weekend holidays form locations such as London, Edinburg, Birmingham and Dublin. You can book your weekend breaks online and enjoy a perfect holiday vacation in these wonderful, heart-blowing locations.


Unpackaged - Awesome Weekend Breaks in Egypt

reviews Unpackaged reviews

Unpackaged gives you an opportunity to see the beautiful country Egypt, a perfect location to have a weekend break. This country has plenty of popular attractions that you would love to see. Unpackaged will take care of everything right from accomodation to sightseeing, once you book a weekend trip with them. Unpackaged has years of experience in arranging such tours, so just relax and chill in Egypt.


Virginatlantic – Wonderful Weekend Breaks

reviews Virginatlantic reviews

Virginatlantic is a specialist in planning different types of holidays for you. If you wish to go for a weekend break, you will get the best value for the money you spend by booking your weekend break deals with Virginatlantic. Go to Boston, Washington, New York, Chicago, West Hollywood, San Diego, San Francisco, and many more destinations to enjoy a joyful and wonderful weekend break.


WarnerLeisureHotels – Wonderful Weekend Breaks

reviews WarnerLeisureHotels reviews

WarnerLeisureHotels ensures that you have a fantastic weekend break at one of their fantastic WarnerLeisureHotels. Enjoy the great activities, excellent entertainment and delicious dining during your holidays by planning your weekend breaks deals with WarnerLeisureHotels. They offer you with a variety of weekend breaks options for you to select from like relaxing spa breaks, cultural breaks, educational breaks, activity breaks and many more live activities to make your weekend breaks s really charming and wonderful.


Youtravel- Weekend Breaks with Youtravel

reviews Youtravel reviews

Youtravel lets you enjoy your much awaited weekend break without much hassle. You can choose the city you want to visit and the package you want like all inclusive or family oriented, romantic or luxury then choose the hotel you prefer according to your wish list. Weekend breaks are perfect for letting yourself loose and unwind. The possibilities are unlimited. All you have to choose is the kind of way you want to spend your holiday. So enjoy this mini break.