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Single parent holidays

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Single parent holidays
The most common is the two parent holiday.
Look through a travel brochure and you can’t miss it, sunny pictures of two parents with their children. Single parent families are not very common, and that becomes noticeable in the pricing.

Alone pays more
Booking a single room in a hotel is often only possible with an addition charge, making a single room more expensive than rooms for two or more. Because of this single parent families are often financially in a disadvantage if they make arrangement via a standard travel agency.

The Odd One Out
While on holiday, single parents from single parent families may sometimes feel uncomfortable amongst couples. Going out at night isn’t possible, as some one needs to stay with the children, and it’s always that one parent. Usually a regular single parent holiday isn’t really care-free.

The Alternative: Single Parent Holidays
To ensure single parent families can also enjoy care-free holidays, numerous organizations have started offering single parent holidays. These single parent holidays take into regard the circumstances of single parent families:

- Standard of a one adult maximum per accommodation, no extra charges for single-rooms, children and parents reside in joining rooms.
- Families with two parents reside in different areas than single parent families, for example in a different wing of the hotel or in a different corner of the camp ground. In some cases only single parent families are allowed in.
- The holiday starts at the airport, the travel agency arranges transport from the airport to the hotel, and back.
- At the location there is a representative of the travel agency present who is aware of the circumstances of a single parent family.
- A variation of children’s activities offered, each under supervision of experienced children and youth entertainers.
- The activities offered are adjusted to the age of the children so that parents can leave their teenagers at the hotel without worrying.
- A few times a week there are also children and youth activities in the evenings.
- Adjusted and optional offers for adults.
- A variation of choices in locations, beach holidays, cultural or active holidays, tours and camping holidays.
- The atmosphere is relaxed and fun, everything is possible, and nothing is necessary.

A Care-free Holiday
The organizations that arrange single parent holidays also want the parents of single parent families to have care-free holiday. There are many options for single parent holidays, with programmes for toddlers, to children, to teenagers. This way a single parent holidays gives both the children and the parent a chance to have a good time with their peers.

Single Parent Holidays: Options in England
In England single parent holiday are usually arranged by organizations as well as by individuals. The options increase each year and there are various internet sites dedicated to the topic.

On this page you will find useful overviews of organizations arranging single parent holidays. A simple search on the internet with terms such as “single parent holidays” or “single parent, holiday” proves that there are numerous offers from English travel agencies arranging single parent holidays.

A Market with a Future
There is a future for single parent holidays. At this moment 13% of the families with children in England are single parent families, and these are potential customers to single parent holidays. It is remarkable that the larger travel agencies have not yet realized the trend of single parent holidays. The arrangement of single parent holidays is in the meanwhile dependent on smaller travel agencies.

Origin of Single Parent Holidays
Single parent holidays were originally an American concept. Since the ‘70’s single parent holidays were arranged in the United States for women and children of marines and soldiers away from home. The target group was then expanded to women and children of men in prison. Only when the number of single mothers and fathers began to rise steeply due to the number of divorces in the ‘80’s, the demand for single parent holidays grew. Since the ‘90’s you can find single parent holidays in Europe, and today for many single parent families this concept is a necessity.


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Eurocamp – Best Deals for Single Parent Holidays

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Eurocamp is the best deal you could always refer to go for single parent holidays. Become a member of Gingerbread and save upto fifty dollars on a seven-night holiday. This offer is open to all the single parents anytime they go for holidays including, Summer and Whitsun holidays. No matter, you are a single parent, but provide the joy and fun of both the parents to your child by booking your holiday deals with Eurocamp. Have a comfortable, safe and reliable holiday and give valuable experiences to your child.


Skiweekends - Gorgeous Singles Holidays

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Skiweekends offers great options for singles ski holidays. It warmly welcomes single skiers and snowboarders, as well. It is not only great singles tour operator but also provides tension-free travel to various destinations, which fulfills the unique requirements of single travelers. Skiweekends is an excellent way to meet various singles travelers and people and thus,enjoy tour activities with great joy.