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Backpacking is especially popular amongst younger people. Usually right after having graduated college and not yet having enough money for a luxurious holiday, this group prefers budget holidays. They simply pack up their backpack and go backpacking.

If you decide to go backpacking always make sure you have the backpack that fits you best. After all you will be taking it with you everywhere you go. As all your important belongings will be in that backpack, make sure you get a proper lot. You will be travelling budget and so will be sat in the economy class of an overcrowded train in India, or packed into a bus in Indonesia which stops every hundred meters to pick up and drop off musicians. You’re backpack will probably not be in your sight, and so must be properly locked.

Backpacking is one big adventure. There are so many places to go and things to see, you often won’t know where you’ll be sleeping the next night. Often you’ll be looking for the cheapest hotels. These are definitely there but you must know where to find them. Backpackers’ hotels are ideal and travel guides such as the Lonely Planet provide ample information and travel tips. These guides are not only informative but have proven to be a necessity when going backpacking.

The biggest difference between regular holidays and backpacking holidays is found in the people you meet. Because you are backpacking, and looking for the cheapest places to visit, you will probably not find yourself in major tourist areas. The people you meet are often also backpacking, and so you might meet someone in the embassy in Bangkok and then run into them two months later at the embassy in China. Backpackers usually follow the same routes, of course there are exceptions, but generally there is a constant stream of backpackers that visit the same places.

In addition, you have a larger chance of interacting with the local populations when backpacking. You’ll eat at the same markets instead of restaurants, and travel in the same trains and busses instead of tourist busses. You quickly learn the culture and the habits of the locals and undoubtedly make new friends. Backpacking is one big experience with a lot to see.

Popular Places
Want to go backpacking in Southeast Asia? This continent is not so very expensive and the people are generally very friendly. Annually there are thousands of backpackers that choose this continent. What could be better than relaxing on one of Thailand’s beautiful islands after a long trip? Not to forget the Full Moon parties that goes on all night.

Countries such as Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam are also very popular. The culture is completely different and you will learn a lot about it while backpacking. The food is delicious, eating a fresh mango while residing under a palm tree is unthinkable in England. As is backpacking and sleeping on the freezing beaches. Everything is possible in the backpack paradise of Southeast Asia.


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Hostelbookers offers great backpacking activities that are far more than a way of traveling. So, look and discover the world from your own point of view. Get the knowledge and experience form your traveling that you can never acquire as such. Find the best deals on backing by booking all you backpacking deals with Hostelbookers.


Quickrooms – Backpacking Deals with QuickRooms

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Quickrooms, the world’s leading accommodation site and travel agency offers every traveler a combination of luxury resorts and affordable hotels. Make your travel comfortable and easier with QuickRooms. Travel and backpack the way you wish. Now have fun with backpacking by booking your deals with QuickRooms and enjoy backpacking holidays.


Responsibletravel – Best Backpacking Deals

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Responsibletravel offers a wide range of choice for backpacking and backpacker’s accommodation from Australia to South Africa. It is the most ideal and perfect for the independent travelers. Enjoy your backpacking holiday to your full fledge by booking all your holiday deals with ResponsibleTravel. It offers backpacking to destinations like Kerala, Malawi, Northern Ireland, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, Jodhpur and many more.